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Shipping Transport and logistics operations in Bosnia

We are working together for years of reliable contractors. With our partners we have more than 200 LKW´s. Therefore, we can quickly and reliably perform the desired transportation.

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Applied Transport – Vehicles

All vehicles are equipped with seatbelts for Bosnia is not a legal requirement for driving bans.


Market Information

Bosnia has made in the recent past by the same war in a negative sense of the words. The population and the country have suffered greatly from the war led by Serbia. Unfortunately, this has also impacted badly on the Bosnian economy and particularly on the infrastructure.

Only since the year 2008, Since then, the European Union, with the consent of the United States and Russia, care put into developing the Balkan state, It is slowly but steadily uphill to the economic development. The common goal of a Bosnian full membership in the EU before the year 2020. At least, the commitment of the European Union to a political stabilization of the country contributed.

From an economic point of view Bosnia is still the least developed regions in Europe. The emphasis in this context is clearly still, for it is only a matter of time, when the economy starts to boom in Bosnia really.

A wise politician once told Russian, that life punished the, comes too late. So do not miss the chance to participate in the development of Bosnian. If you need your project logistical support, then you have Lehnert & What. exactly the right place. For us, the transport of, to and within Bosnia's already a part of our daily operations.

While we take care of all logistical issues, you can fully concentrate on, to realize your Geschäfstidee in Bosnia. It is certainly not easy to take on the Bosnian market in foot. Therefore, it is important to you, that you are completely on the competence of Lehnert & What. can leave.